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Thar Desert and Camel Safari
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Desert Tours

Advice from the owner Satyaprakash

, the owner of Thar desert safari gives you some useful and handy tips before exploring the Great Indian Desert "Thar".

We provide an aboriginal guide to you in the safari, and one must pay heed to his advices. Desert can be dangerous if you play with the rules. You can bring all the usual stuff you need when you travel. Be light, you can always purchase something you forget. But still you should bring the following for Desert:

You gotta bring 'em.

- Loose fitting, light cotton cloths are ideal for days wear, women should wear ankle length cloths.
- Sweater, sandals, thongs, cotton hats, sunglasses, T-shirts, sun screen cream etc
- Medicines (includes inhalers and anti malaria drugs), toiletries are available here, binoculars
- Budget Travelers may need Sleeping bags, ear plugs, good padlocks, heavy-duty chain for securing luggage.

Women Travelers

It is relatively safe for women to travel around, but your privacy rarely respected. Staying safe is a matter of common sense. Avoid eye contacts, never wander too far, never stay late out side, and wear decent cloths (try the local dress called salwar kameez, very cheap and practical).

Traveling with children

Children of all ages are welcomed, being greeted with warmth. Winter is recommended when traveling with children. Diarrhoea and vomiting are the most common problems, so take the usual precautions. Also take enough sun cream, as in winter also the days are quite hot. Avoid tap water, only mineral water (of good company) is recommended.

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